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BEP Systems Launch Enhanced SharePoint Delivery Framework


BEP have launched a new service to cater for the delivery of a SharePoint environment that caters for historic data management issues, content classification, compliance and e-mail management.

Quote startThis framework from BEP has transformed SharePoint 2010 into a real world pragmatic solution for organisations wishing to leverage this technology for their corporate ECM platformQuote end

London (PRWEB UK) 31 May 2012

Since Microsoft’s launch of SharePoint 2010, organisations are increasingly deploying the solution as their strategic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The SharePoint platform has gradually transformed from a capable toolset often used for a company’s intranet into a product that has become at the forefront of an organisation’s consciousness when considering what ECM platform or strategy to adopt.

Having decided to investigate SharePoint further, the next challenge however, is how to roll out the platform across a large organisation. Indeed where does one start on when dealing with all the information already stored in file servers across multiple departments? There is the need to make sure that all of the new information going into SharePoint is identified, classified correctly for retrieval purposes and has the correct rules associated with them for retention purposes. Finally – how is all the information within e-mail catered for? This is the single most common form of communication in organisations today and often contains a hidden hoard of relevant content.

BEP have launched a new framework service to cater for exactly these issues. Working with market leading toolsets, BEP can automatically trawl across multiple file servers, automatically classifying content within them. Users are able to configure the system to look for defined document types and by using enhanced categorisation methodologies, the system will display content classified into the pre-defined sets, as well as displaying the Redundant, Obselete and Trivial (ROT) for deletion.

The second part of the equation is then migrating the clean data set into SharePoint, whilst maintaining the correct retention rules and policies applied to the data for on-going governance. BEP have years of experience in this area, assisting organisations with which multi-jurisdictional records management policies and retention rules to adhere to. These policies can be assigned to the new data set and then automatically migrated to the target SharePoint platform.

E-mail forms the last part of the sequence. How is this catered for? In most cases the simple answer is that it is not. Typically exchange servers grow exponentially in an uncontrolled manner. Working under this new framework, BEP is able to keep a lid on this issue. By utilising a special Outlook interface to SharePoint , organisations can continue to work within Outlook as before, whilst simultaneously managing the content within the SharePoint platform underneath. The system will classify e-mail content for storage and retrieval within the SharePoint environment, as well as enable retrieval of other relevant documents, all via the Outlook interface.