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Business Information Analysis and Data Migration UK

Business Information Analysis

As organisations accumulate information at an accelerating rate, they face growing costs, inefficiencies and compliance risks that threaten their ability to function. No organisation is immune. The ‘big data’ explosion affects the whole of commerce, from manufacturing to financial services.

BEP Business Information Analysis Services Can Help:

Regain control of your information assets

BEP helps UK organisations to regain control of their information assets through content analytics,  application of policy and data storage strategy. Managing unstructured data with ever- increasing volumes of information across disparate systems, amid decreasing budgets and mounting regulatory pressure, remains a huge challenge.

Solve the Information Management Problem

Organisations typically host multiple disparate Information Management Systems, often a combination of 
poorly adopted legacy systems and solutions designed only to support departmental requirements with little or no consideration for corporate policy overall. The result is a significant overhead in the cost of maintaining these systems, with no apparent opportunity to consolidate or remove legacy systems for fear of losing access to any relevant information.

Whilst it is widely accepted that developing a strong information management strategy offers numerous opportunities for reducing and controlling IT costs, for these reasons, it can be very difficult to prove the case in advance and even harder to achieve during implementation. Many of these organisations have a desire to consolidate their systems into a more efficient SharePoint 2010 environment. these systems, with no apparent opportunity to consolidate or remove legacy systems for fear of losing access to any relevant information.


Business Information Analysis Provides:

Data Migration Strategy

BEP uses specialist tools that analyse information spread across all content repositories including shared network shared drives, intranet sites, PC hard disks and ECM platforms. Our service can help identify potential data-leakage and information security breaches, as well as identifying duplicate, redundant, obsolete and trivial content for deletion, and any content that may be inappropriate. So, in fact we use this opportunity for data migration to refine and improve the quality of your data.

Data Cleansing

For organisations planning to migrate to SharePoint 2010, and other systems, careful consideration needs to be given to the migration
 of content. Standard practice would dictate that all content is migrated over, whereas in reality the organisation will only need the relevant and corporately required information (however defined), moved to the new system. In addition to cleansing the content to be migrated, the structure, policy, metadata and security permissions also need to be migrated and possibly transformed during the process.

Data Migration: An Automated Solution to the Migration Problem

Using the latest innovations in categorisation technology, we can help an organisation not only migrate content but also accurately cleanse, reorganise, consolidate and simplify data holding in the process. This ensures that only the relevant and corporately required information is retained going forward, improving the information management situation while reducing information overload and costs in the process.

Data Migration Plan

Our software tools can examine file content and metadata to identify duplicate, near duplicate, redundant, obsolete and irrelevant data. In addition, advanced mathematical analysis of file content and metadata allows the file to be correctly categorised against the organisations information policy, providing a structured Data Migration Strategy .

Benefits include:

    • Enables an organisation to discover and exploit its information
    • Frees up valuable disk space
    • Improves security by highlighting legal and policy threats
    • Helps prepare content for migration
    • Reduces the time spent searching for informationenquiry_button

Let BEP demonstrate how our Business Information Analysis cleanses content and paves the way for cleaner data migration with minimal disruption to existing processes, systems and employees. Call: 01295 722851

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