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Digilink Revelation allows you to automatically synchronize documents from practically any SharePoint site from SharePoint 2007 to 2013 including Office 365. All new documents and changes on SharePoint can be synchronized locally and all up-dates and new files on your computer are copied up to the SharePoint site – automatically.

But with so many ways to access data offline these days, why would you want to invest in Revelation? It’s all about management and control.

  • Revelation gives you both a more flexible interface to SharePoint and fine grained control over which Files, Folders and File Properties you want to work with. You are not forced to take the whole site offline.
  • Revelation allows you to drag and drop files and folders using Windows Explorer but also gives you an interface that mirrors SharePoint while offline.
  • There are no prescribed limits to the number nor size of files.
  • When finished with offline data you can safely delete it with no adverse consequences for the data in SharePoint.
  • Revelation has a full conflict manager, which not only alerts you when files are updated in different locations but also remembers these so that you can deal with them when you are ready thereby not forcing you to action immediately.
  • Revelation supports Dropbox and HCP Anywhere so you can bring all your mobile devices into play.

Remember, the integrity of data on laptops and smartphones is very much part of the overall corporate responsibility. Using the correct software tools is a key component in your data governance best practice.

Revelation add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®.

Revelation’s compliant archiving solution creates secure, auditable copies of all emails, with easy message retrieval and management. – That sounds very serious but what it means is you can keep key emails and attachments in SharePoint.

Why, when there are many email archiving solutions, would you prefer to manage emails and attachments through SharePoint? There are several reasons.

    1. Consistency. If you are already a SharePoint user, managing your emails in this manner keeps them in the same format and location as your existing project data. For example, you can set up a rule that identifies incoming emails and associates both the email and attachments with specific projects.
    2. Data Governance. Once in SharePoint you can more readily apply the corporate governance rules. That’s both for proper data retention legislation compliance and for easy data back-up responsibilities.
      Clarity: Important emails being sent can be captured and retained with a secure audit trail. Therefore, you can distinguish important emails, which carry a corporate liability, from those emails just containing mundane comments. Trivial emails need not clutter up and obfuscate your data storage.
    3. Accountability: A diamond may be forever but emails certainly are not. If an employee sends an email that perhaps was ill advised and decides to cover up the transmission by deleting the email, it’s difficult to track. If however, a copy has already gone into SharePoint it can be captured. Knowing this, employees are often more careful about what they put in emails to clients. It also cuts down on employees using company emails for social networking.
    4. Disk Space. Too many employees use emails as a convenient way to send files to themselves. This is poor practice at many levels. Installing Revelation ensures that employees use emails for communication and not for the taking data offline. This last practice is a gratuitous waste of company disk space and also demonstrates poor company data governance.


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