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Active Navigation

Active Navigation’s range of solutions have been developed to prepare data and classify when administering an Information Governance project. Active Navigation software provides detailed analysis helping to cleanse information and migrate files to a new rationalised taxonomy and file structure.

With expertise in all aspects of information and records lifecycle management, BEP offers a range of consulting services and technology solutions to provide its customers with the tools and expertise to operate in a more effective and compliant manner. In partnership with Active Navigation Software, BEP offers software and services to help simplify data migration, quantify and classify legacy content, and provides information security risk analysis.

BEP Information Management and Data Migration services offer a strategic yet simplified approach to classification, cleansing and migrating data.

Active Navigation software:

  • Identifies duplicate files and helps find redundant or trivial files
  • Uncovers legal compliance and policy threats
  • Understands document themes to help in the process of building a taxonomy and a file plan

Active Navigation software is the solution to the problem

Active Navigation is typically used before implementing a new content-management system and migrations from legacy content stores. Active Navigation ensures that only the documents relevant to the business populate the new system and they are stored in a structured and centrally defined way.

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