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SharePoint collaboration and Intranet sites

BEP specialises in providing expert SharePoint Governance Services

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work collaboratively. Using SharePoint 2010, your staff can set up Websites to share information with others, manage documents end to end, and publish reports to assist everyone in making better decisions.

BEP are experts in utilizing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for use as a corporate electronic content management system as well as company Intranets and Extranets.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

BEP build upon a SharePoint 2010 platform and combine traditional content and document management capabilities with both social media and powerful search. Following an initial consultancy phase to help understand your content BEP build corporate taxonomies and then build SharePoint ECM solutions that will result in well-managed information that is easy to find. BEP ECM solutions cover

  •     Content Management
  •     Records Management
  •     Document Management
  •     Media Management


By sharing information outside of the organisation – be it with customers or suppliers you can add real value to your business in the form of improving communications and SLA’s.  Extranets can also help to reduce your costs where manual processes can often slow projects down and stop your business from delivering on time.

BEP are experts at delivering SharePoint Extranet solutions. By using SharePoint as the application delivery platform, and utilising its security features, we can deliver feature rich, user centric extranets that will deliver real results to your organization.


SharePoint Intranets provide a method for communication and information flow throughout the organisation,

Intranets are a fantastic way of internal communications within your organization and for sharing of information. “Enterprise portals are on CIOs’ list of top ten technology focus areas” Gartner.

Successful businesses are those that can provide key information to its employees through technology, enabling people to spend more time doing their day jobs.

Sharepoint chart

Read how BEP helped the British Red Cross define a practical governance model that allowed for flexibility and future growth. British Red Cross Case Study

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