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HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint

BEP are partnering exclusively with Digi-link to OEM the HCP connector to Hitachi.

Digilink and Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) provide a fully integrated solution to mobilize Microsoft® SharePoint® data. Together, they create a powerful mechanism to easily access and manage SharePoint data from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Work With Microsoft SharePoint Data From Any Device, Even When Offline

Easily Synchronize Data BetweenSharePoint and HCP Anywhere

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Connector for Microsoft SharePoint allows you to seamlessly synchronize documents from any SharePoint site, including SharePoint 2007-2013 and Microsoft Office 365™ (see Figure 1). All new documents and changes on SharePoint are synchronized to HCP Anywhere, and all updates and new files in HCP Anywhere are copied up to the SharePoint site, automatically.

The connector gives you both a more flexible interface to SharePoint and finegrained control over the files, folders and properties. Access and manage files through the standard Microsoft Windows® Explorer interface, even when offline. Simple setup allows you choose exactly what you want to synchronize and be running within minutes.

Manage SharePoint Data From Any Device

HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint provides complete offline access to the SharePoint data. Manage the data from any device, including your computer, smartphone, tablet or browser.

Want SharePoint files on your iOS, Android or Windows Phone® device? HCP Anywhere takes care of it. Want to share files with colleagues? Treat SharePoint files like any other HCP Anywhere data.

Specify the Level of Access

HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint offers three options for managing your SharePoint files:

■ Select READ access to SharePoint data. This one-way sync from SharePoint to HCP Anywhere is for read-only access; only changes to files in SharePoint are synchronized into HCP Anywhere.
■ Select READ/WRITE access to SharePoint data. Two-way sync keeps your SharePoint files fully synchronized between HCP Anywhere and SharePoint.
■ Select READ/WRITE/DELETE access to SharePoint data. With full control, you can manage your entire SharePoint site from within HCP Anywhere.


Figure 1. HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint by Digilink provides a connection between Microsoft SharePoint and HCP Anywhere to keep designated data in sync: It is a vital cog in enterprise data mobility.

Why Select HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint?

SharePoint provides a formal, IT-driven data store. For many companies, it is the system of record. However, it lacks many features that are essential to a mobile workforce, including the ability to access data when offline, an easy and speedy distribution mechanism to share data, and a native device interface. In short, you have to go and get SharePoint data from a central store located in the data center or the cloud.

HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint addresses the needs of the mobile workforce by providing access to data on any device using a native app. It provides access anytime, including offline access, and the ability to easily share the data with others when needed.

About HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint

Add HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint to your system to seamlessly keep your files in SharePoint synchronized with HCP Anywhere. Now your data is available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Using the Windows Explorer interface on your computer, you can work with SharePoint data in the same manner you work all your other files.

The connector provides a flexible interface to SharePoint with fine control over which libraries, folders and files you want accessible via HCP Anywhere. You can read, modify, delete, add and move files and create folders. The connector ensures that the files remain synced between SharePoint and HCP Anywhere.

The connector includes full conflict management, including compare and merge for Word documents. It has support for Microsoft Outlook® 2003 or newer versions, which gives you a compliant archiving solution that can create secure, auditable copies of emails, including their attachments, in SharePoint.

The connector works in the background to keep files in sync and provides:

■ Persistent access to SharePoint data, both online and offline; it is no longer dependent on having a network connection.
■ A faster mechanism for interfacing with documents, given that they are located in HCP Anywhere, up-to-date and synchronized at all times.
■ An easier and simpler interface to upload large data sets and to move or rearrange data already in SharePoint.
■ Metadata management where this has already been configured in SharePoint.

About HCP Anywhere

HCP Anywhere is a fully integrated, secure cloud solution for enterprise mobility. It supports mobile access to NAS data, file synchronization and sharing, data protection for user data, and central management of Hitachi Data Ingestor file server gateways. HCP Anywhere uses Hitachi Content Platform, the most secure, efficient, scalable and highest-density hybrid cloud storage platform object store to protect, secure, manage and store data behind the scenes. Top benefits include:

■ On-premises solution in a private cloud.
■ Data mobility: access to work files anywhere, anytime and on any device.
■ Real-time collaboration with file and folder sharing.
■ Less storage required for mail servers and PST files by using links.
■ Self-service portal for users for file recovery and device management.
■ Efficient file storage, with all files deduplicated, compressed and backup-free.

Next Steps

For more information on how you can manage your SharePoint data with the powerful HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint by Digilink, please contact your HDS or Digilink representative or visit

HCP Anywhere Connector for SharePoint: Solution Capabilities

1. Enables access to SharePoint data anywhere, anytime and on any device, even offline.
2. Allows collaboration and secure sharing of SharePoint data with external partners, customers and third parties.
3. Provides a single point of access for all data via HCP Anywhere native clients.
4. Enables full version conflict management: merge changes, promote your file, accept current file, and so forth.
5. Supports check-in and check-out capabilities for files on SharePoint from HCP Anywhere.
6. Ensures compliant archiving of email by saving secure, auditable copies of emails and attachments as records in SharePoint.
7. Uses SharePoint as a system of record and HCP Anywhere for data mobility.


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