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Mortgage Document Management

Mortgage Document Management Services

New regulatory requirements now require the Mortgage Industry to look for solutions that can improve their business processes for better management of mortgage documents. A need to reduce costs, categorise documents and data and improve collation methods is common place as well as the need to remain compliant.

Technology for the mortgage industry – that delivers

BEP Solutions for Mortgage include being able to capture, classify, extract mortgage data and integrate fully into existing applications.

We offer innovative approaches to managing your mortgage documents and data including:

  • LOS Integration
  • Document & Records Management
  • Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE)
  • Workflow
  • Process Reviews
  • Audits
  • Electronic Signature
  • Case Management
  • Compliance

BEP have many years of technical experience in this area and hands-on experience solving the challenges associated with mortgage loan processing. Read about our consultancy services for planning and implementing  a Mortgage Market Review programme with BEP Financial Systems.

Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture

Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) eradicates the quantity of document types, the administration burden and reduces cost. Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture automates mortgage data collection with quick implementation, carefully extracting necessary information and ensuring compliance.

Classification and separation of document types without the labour intensive insertion of bar code sheets is critical here to process efficiently. Ephesoft does this better than anyone by using a small number of samples (as few as 1-2 compared to dozens with other approaches) to perform a content analysis.  A review identifies any low confidence documents before extraction of key data takes place. The resulting images and metadata can interface directly to your internal systems to speed the approval process. Call us today to discuss.