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BEP Systems partners with Hitachi Data Systems to advise businesses on compliance around ‘Big Data’

BEP Systems Ltd (BEP) have announced a new partnership with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).

BEP Systems will provide consultancy services across Europe as part of their Enterprise Information Governance (EIG) Service.  The HDS EIG service is designed to help corporations tackle the rapidly growing compliance challenge presented by “Big Data” within their businesses. Hitachi Data Systems works with its customers to identify, assess, develop and implement an information governance framework that complements the deployment of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) for scalable, reliable and efficient data management. HCP is an advanced object storage solution that helps IT organizations and cloud service providers efficiently store, protect, preserve, search and retrieve unstructured content on a massive, yet cost-effective scale.


BEP will assist Hitachi Data Systems in the delivery of this service by providing expert knowledge and consultancy skills in policy development for security and privacy, data retention, records management and file plans covering rules and regulations worldwide. In addition BEP will support Hitachi Data Systems with the analysis and re-categorisation of legacy content in order to prepare data for migration to HCP as required.

Information Governance is a very important and growing area; one which many businesses need support to manage and understand it. We believe that our expertise in the topic greatly complements the consultancy that Hitachi Data Systems provides so we look forward to working with them on such an important initiative,” says Keith Longmuir, Director, BEP Systems.

“Exponential data growth coupled with increased regulation has left many organisations struggling to cope with the overwhelming complexity of the legal aspects of information management,” said Jonathan Preston, Business Development Manager, EMEA Southern Region, File, Content & Cloud Solutions at Hitachi Data Systems. “Working with expert consultants BEP Systems, the Enterprise Information Governance Service from Hitachi Data Systems not only supports companies to make sense of and achieve regulatory compliance in data storage, but also to realise operational savings through the efficient management of company information.”

Flexible and customisable to an individual organisation’s needs, the EIG Service enables organisations to optimise their storage solutions and achieve compliance requirements by;

  • Identifying relevant statutory and regulatory regimes, evaluating requirements for information retention and protection
  • Developing EIG policies, such as the creation of record retention schedules and information security rules
  • Classifying legacy content, identifying duplications, corrupt content, redundant content, security issues and the completeness of metadata with a view of compliance
  • Applying EIG policies to assigned content across all existing systems using automated tools
  • Migrating data from current to new systems if required

For more information on the EIG Service from Hitachi Data Systems, please visit: 

About BEP Systems:
BEP offers world-class advice and services for content management and information governance, including best-practices for retention and disposal, data protection, and information security.
The company’s services include:

Information governance – development of information and records management policies, procedures, business classification schemes, retention schedules (legal research), and implementation of retention policy within IT systems.

Business content analysis – A content analysis and diagnostics service that enables our customers to carry out audits of their information assets. Solutions include analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data, cleansing information, assessing data security, and preparation of content for migration.

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