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Records Management

What is Records Management?

“Records Management is the practice of maintaining the records of an organisation from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal. This may include classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or in some cases, archival preservation) of records.” Source Reference: Wiki.

Within the last 10 years an explosion in technology based systems and compliance regulations has increased the volume of recorded data within most organisations, not only processes and procedures but also books, documentary files, photos and on-line documents. For every one record created there is usually a rigorous process for managing, updating and storing of that record. Managing a company’s entire document portfolio can present some concerns and put you at risk from becoming in-compliant.


Records Management Solutions by BEP Systems

BEP Systems helps UK organisations to review their Record Management processes and advise on the steps required to produce an effective plan for management of such records. Ineffective record keeping can negatively impact on regulatory compliance, litigation readiness, operational productivity and cost control. By understanding your records, information and business needs, our Records Management Team can help link your hard copy and electronic records to conform to robust policies based on current legislation and your organisation’s unique business requirements.

Records Retention Schedule

BEP has extensive experience in the development of Retention Schedules for both UK and Global organisations. Working with our International Legal Research Partners, we ensure that our clients are fully aware of all current and proposed regulations that affect their businesses in every jurisdiction in which they operate. A Retention Schedule is a key component of any Records Management Policy and provides the framework for compliance with the numerous laws and regulations associated with managing the life-cycle of an organisation’s information.

BEP can help you to develop and implement a compliant Records Retention Policy for your business and recommend that every organisation performs an annual review of its Records Retention Schedule. If you have an existing retention schedule in place we are able to offer a cost effective review and update service, please call or enquire to discuss.

Records Management Review

Our Records Management Review provides a high-level view of an organisation’s statutory and regulatory requirements and provides best practice guidelines for Records Management.

The review will assess filing, distributing, managing, storing and archiving practices and compliance against those procedures. Once complete a comprehensive report will highlight any operational risks and provide Records Management Solutions based upon the individual needs of the organisation and  at this point clients realise that tangible cost savings can be achieved and justify the cost of the exercise itself with the majority of follow-on work that the report recommends.

Records Management Taxonomy Development

BEP offers a Records Management Taxonomy Consultation which will help to define and implement a taxonomy strategy adhering to the needs and future requirements of the organisation. The Taxonomy Report will define the overall information architecture and provide a comprehensive classification analysis for all records held within the company.

Record Retention Review and Policy Development

The Record Retention Policy will include a review and a summary of the business drivers, such as regulatory compliance, litigation readiness, operational productivity and cost control. Using a tried and tested technique the resulting Records Retention Policy will outline the structure and processes of record retention within the organisation.We produce effective Record Retention Policies and offer a review and recommendation service for existing Retention Policies held which will reflect inputs from key business stakeholders


Retention Plan Implementation

BEP can assist the with the implementation of the Retention Plan and advise on the actionable activities that will address the issues and opportunities identified from the review and development process. These may include tasks, priorities and timelines for projects in areas such as; organisation and staffing, data capture and filing practices, retention and disposition of paper records and scanned documents, management of electronically stored, e-discovery processes, and staff training.

We have a team of experienced Records Managers who can be made available on an ‘as needed basis’ to supplement in-house resources and provide guidance on policy implementation strategy.


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