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RSD Glass

BEP Systems is a strategic partner, implementation consultant, and reseller of RSD GLASS™

Information Governance

RSD GLASS is an innovative solution that addresses information governance challenges by providing a centralised information governance policy-creation and management tool, while supporting control and enforcement over distributed content repositories and regulatory jurisdictions.

Challenges and Drivers

  • Volume and breadth of content is out of control >> escalating costs of eDiscovery and increasing
  • IT complexities managing this information
  • Expanding laws, global regulations, and internal procedures >> enforcing policies across all
    corporate records to mitigate risk
  • No alignment between legal, business, records management, and IT >> bridging operational gaps


RSD GLASS helps organisations manage corporate risk and improve operational efficiency as they work to
achieve compliance with regulations and laws governing enterprise information and records

The system comprises four modules: Mosaic, Prism, Periscope, and Crystal:

  • RSD GLASS Mosaic provides a centralised facility for the simple creation and management of
    policies governing information and their configuration across the enterprise.
  • RSD GLASS Periscope enables the enterprise architecture team and records managers to manage
    the lifecycle of events (as defined in the policies created by Mosaic) across geographies and
    jurisdictions, platforms and applications, repositories and data warehouses.
  • RSD GLASS Prism leverages connectors based on standards, enforces policies across repositories
  • RSD GLASS Crystal provides authorized users and applications with simple and rapid access to
    information in all governed content stored in corporate repositories.

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