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BEP work with Rabobank & to provide Content Management and Information Governance Solutions

Within its Data Archiving and Discovery programme, Rabobank International will capture and maintain a reliable central, online replicated archive copy of messaging, voice and file store content for compliance and legal purposes based on the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite (HDDS) and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).


Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a distributed storage system designed to support large, growing repositories of fixed-content data. HCP will ingest and store the content objects, including both data and metadata that describes the data. HDDS provides the end-user interface to access the data stored within HCP. It enables users to quickly search, access, view and act on this data. Access to multiple data sources such as an email, messaging and voice content will be available through a single query. Once information is found, meaningful compliance and discovery actions such as exporting or saving information to a collection can be performed.


BEP has provided the information governance consulting services to assist Rabobank in making their decision on the retention period to be applied per applicable jurisdiction to the compliance copy of content being stored within the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). BEP has also authored user procedures for HDDS and systems administration procedures for HCP.