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International Commercial Organization

A large commercial organization needed to improve its records management practices on the grounds of compliance and business efficiency.

A records management review was undertaken to discover any gaps in the organization’s current practices. The consulting team then worked closely with the Client to deliver an up-to-date, process based, robust records management policy and an enterprise-wide records retention schedule.

As a result of this work, the customer specific research was uploaded and added to the generic knowledge base of retention legislation. The customer then had access to a complete database of both legislative/regulatory requirements and the policy defined for them. The company can now confidently demonstrate to its compliance officers and the regulators that it is maintaining these policies.

Since undertaking the project the customer, has benefitted from tangible business process improvements and cost savings. With the records management policy now embedded in their business process the company has reduced its archive storage by 50% costs.

In the next phase of the project the company plans to extend the use of Active Policy Manager to manage other policies within their Microsoft SharePoint strategy.

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